In preparing my workshop for the NCCW convention next month, I was struck once again by the lovely insights by the late Fr Philippe, founder of the Community of St John, in his book "Wherever He Goes." He has some beautiful things to say about 'woman' and I will share just one with you here. The context for this is the temptation of Eve in the Garden of Eden:

"Now why was it not man that the serpent attacked? The serpent was extremely jealous of Eve, for Scripture show a bitter enmity between the serpent and the woman. With his angelic intellect, the serpent has a deep knowledge of man and woman, and so he immediately attacks her who holds the secret of God, the secret of the love of God. Woman, according to Scripture, is the mediatrix of love, yet when she ceases to be the mediatrix, she seduces. There is no middle ground. She was created by God to be mediatrix of love. She carries the secret of God and must help man to love, going beyond his work, his labor, his desire to dominate. It is in order to make Eve his accomplice from the beginning that the devil attacks her. Being intelligent, he knew it was she who bore the secret, who bore the loving regard God has for man and woman. If this second account of Genesis is not considered as that in which woman is presented as the mediatrix of love given to man that he might escape his solitude and isolation and learn to love, then woman is not deeply understood." (pp 87,88)

Wow, that blows me away - woman as mediatrix of love - what an awesome privilege and responsibility God has given to women!