I've been involved for the past 4 months or so in a formation course organized and delivered by the relatively new (2007) JPII sisters, officially known as the Missionaries of the Gospel. It is a course exploring the spirituality and charism of John Paul. We meet once a fortnight via video conference, with Mother Bernadette MG, giving a teaching for about an hour or so followed by an hour of discussion. I have been so impressed by her joy, wisdom and intelligence - I feel very blessed to be a part of the group and to grow in my love and appreciation of John Paul and his way of being.

We will be going as a group on pilgrimage to Poland this summer, 'following in the footsteps of JPII' for 2 weeks. I have been to Poland before, but am very excited to see all the places that were significant to him in some way. To that end, I have begun in earnest to read George Weigel's biography of JPII, 'Witness to Hope'. As you may know, it is a massive undertaking, but I have until July 19 to complete it!

Please have a look at the MGs website and consider giving a donation - they live on Providence alone and will be looking for a new place to live in the very near future. Thank you!